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Warming Up the Camera
by Lee

And thus it begins again.

Anti-war protesters on Wednesday predicted “literally millions” of people in New York, San Francisco and more than 30 international cities would march the weekend of Feb. 15 against war in Iraq.

A day after President Bush said in his State of the Union address that he was ready to disarm Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, organizers brought politicians, church leaders and Oscar-winning filmmakers Jonathan Demme and Mercedes Ruehl out to announce the protest.

“We can, when we stand up together, actually stop this war from happening,” said Leslie Cagan, a co-chairwoman of New York’s United for Peace and Justice chapter.

I know where I’m going to be on the 15th.  Anyone from this area want to get together that day, have a few beers, and go watch the commotion?  It might be cool to get a little group from the conservative blogosphere together to witness the lunacy.

Posted by Lee on 01/30/03 at 12:33 AM (Discuss this in the forums)


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