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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dear GOP: Welcome Back, Jerks

Dear GOP:

This election was not about you.

Despite the smarminess of the ad below, we have not forgotten what the last decade brought us from the GOP: massive unfunded mandates; deficit spending; huge increases in highway spending and farm subsidies; two unfunded and bungled wars; an increasingly complex tax and regulatory structure; and a GOP that seemed more interested in beating the Democrats than governing the nation.  We have not forgotten that; we not forgiven it.

The only reason—the only reason—that you won last night was because the other party has been worse.  Instead of increasing competition to bring down healthcare prices, they increased regulation.  Instead of supply-side cuts that might have stimulated the economy, they ladled out pork and demand-side cuts.  But let me be clear: if the economy were doing well and the deficit were not out of control, you guys would still be on the outside, pawing at the glass and throwing feces at each other.  We have not forgotten; we have not forgiven.

You have been let out of prison, temporary, to address the immediate crisis.  Your job to get the economy moving and get our debt under control.  Your job is not to campaign for 2012.  Your job is not to spend the next two years obstructing Obama and letting the economy slide further in the hope that we’ll give you all the government.  You’re not free; you’re on probation.  We’ve given you the House—you control the purse strings now.  Maybe, if you do a good job and don’t get too crazy, we’ll let you have the Senate in 2012.  The White House ... well, we remember what happened the last time you guys had both that and the Congress.  We’ll see if you nominate someone from the non-crazy division.

But right now, you’ve got a job to do.  We don’t want excuses like, “Waah! Waah!  We don’t control the Senate!  We don’t control the White House!  We can’t do anything!” The Democrats managed to do plenty with less power than you have now.  And less of mandate.  You’re going to be writing the budgets.  You’re going to be setting the priorities.  You have to govern.  You have to pick off what Democrats you can, pressure the President in the public arena and get things done.  That’s politics guys.  No one ever passed a policy by unanimous consent this side of recognizing National Cuddly Kitten Day.  Look across the pond to our British cousins.  They put together a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, for God’s sake, and they’re still cutting spending by 20%.  Your opponents for the next two years are Harry Reid and Barack Obama.  If you can’t beat them in the arena of ideas, you really should go into something more suited to your talents and let more capable figures take over.

Pay attention to Paul Ryan.  There is no man in Washington more serious about spending.  Pay attention to Mitch Daniels and Jeb Bush and Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal.  There are some smart young Republicans out there who are serious about fixing this country.  The more you pay attention them and the less you pay attention to Rush Limbaugh, the better off you’ll be.

The American people are tough.  We’re willing to do what’s necessary.  If that means raising taxes and cutting Medicare or Social Security, we’ll do it.  If it means cuts in defense spending, we’ll do it.  We may not like it.  We may even toss you out of office because of it.  But we’ll bear it.  And you weren’t elected to get re-elected.  You were elected to fix this mess, no matter how painful it is for us.

You’ve won the election.  Time to get to work, guys.

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