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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Donkey blackmail 101

The next time some leftard tells you that the demcorats are the party that cares about the little people, bring up this umpteenth example of why that’s plain bullshit.  It seems that the response by the party of the “little people” to the fact that bloated government is causing the state’s people to bleed dry and that relief is needed to get things back in order, isn’t to cut the massive ranks of bureaucrats, administrators, or non-essential personnel, but to cut fire-fighters and police. You want cuts? We’ will give you cuts!

Ask yourself why? Well, don’t. Here is the why: as is always the game with these bastard leftists, they are hoping to capitalize on public tragedy.  If someone’s house just happens to burn down and the fire-fighters don’t show up, or someone needs help from the police and they don’t show up, even if normally the fire-fighters or the police are both late anyway and you never hear about that, their friends in the MSM are going to make a big deal out of the story. Heck, even if they do show up, they are going to make hay. Huge stink. 24/7 how evil of the people that made them cut fire-fighters and police! Don’t let them do get away wth this blackmail, and have no doubt this is blackmail. Not any more.

The sad truth is that the people of Camden are getting screwed by their elected leaders, whose priority is always their own pockets and power, and I can’t even bring myself to feel sorry for them. There are consequences to this stuff. If the people of Camden really didn’t want to get screwed, they would keep these craven power brokers that have no problem risking the people of Camden’s lives & livelihoods for political and personal gain, away from power. If they are the victim here, it is that they are the victim of their own choices. If anything happens they should drag the people that are behind this obvious tactic to defraud & extort the NJ tax payers into court, and hold them accountable for it. Then again, when your courts suffer from the same malaise, your choices and chances are slim to none.

Party of the little people, indeed. Crooks that don’t care for anyone but their own power & pockets is more like it.

Update: More blackmail. Here the city of Detroit has decided to sacrifice the education of the kids as the bargaining chip. The MSM is shilling for em too. More money or else! Let’s have the “or else”. See how long that lasts as the teachers try to revolt. Ask yourself: why is it that the places with the biggest problems and with the most horrendous out puts practically always, without exclusion, seem to be smack dab in the middle of leftist utopias?

Update 2: Want to see how bad it is? Well, those state pensions are underfunded to a tune of $2 trillion dollars. Considering how these state employees retrie early and then with benefits and pay that would just baffle anyone lese, wouldn’t this be the first and best palce to start cutting? Raise the retirement age for public employees to 65, damn it. Cut their retirment pay and ebenfits to match those in the private sector. Let them really serve the people as they are supposed to instead of the other way around.

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