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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don’t be fooled

Because what we have here is some serious slight of hand. Depending on whom you get it from, Obama yesterday tried to have it both ways by first pretending that he was on board with the Tea Party movement, but that the problem was with the Tea Party not identifying the real reason for all our economic hardships correctly, while then attacking them for their beliefs anyway. Seriously, November must be coming soon, and they are getting desperate in the WH.

The Tea Partiers have identified the problem perfectly Mr. President. It is the massive government that thinks they are just not big enough, think they do not take enough money from the productive citizens, and thinks it isn’t both controlling the economy – choosing the winners and the losers - and thinking it is, or needs to be, the main engine behind said economy, because the free market is just not “socially just” enough to do a good job. At least our crooks have not come clean and told us what all these big government collectivists really believe about our money, like the ones in the UK have. It’s not our money: it’s theirs, and they will decide how much we are allowed to keep.

I guess what we are seeing here is the worst possible implementation of the “If you can’t beat them, join them” axiom by the WH, as they get more and more of this. In this day and age where even Fidel, likely in an unguarded moment, admitted that Marxism is a failure writ large, one wonders why we have these wealth redistribution worshippers still thinking they are going to make this stuff work. More COWBELL!

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