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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Geek of the Year

Time has picked their Person of the Year and it’s ... Mark Zuckeberg?  Really?  I’m with Morrissey.

Apparently, Time didn’t know that Facebook launched in February 2004, and had achieved the status of most trafficked social network by the end of 2008.  If the issue was impact, it seems as though Time is two years too late in awarding this.

Well, that was an election year and Time almost always go with the winning President in election years.  Generally, I prefer people recognize entrepreneurs over political hacks.  But Morrissey is right.  This Facebook story is old.  Facebook has been around so long that even I’m on it.  Even my dad is on it.  Julian Assange, for all his egomania and general dickishness, would have been a better choice (and, if I recall, was the choice in Time’s online poll).  My guess is that the twerps at Time hadn’t heard of this whole Facebook thing until a movie came out about it.  Now they know that it’s what all the kids are doing.  Stand by for Time cover stories on the Red Sox winning the world series.

People are upset that the Tea Party wasn’t the person of the year (Time has previously given awards to the American Soldier, Do-Gooders, Whistleblower and, most infamously, “You").  I’m mixed on that point.  The Tea Party’s real impact, for good or ill, will be felt in 2009 2011 when they either fade away or hold the GOP’s feet to the fire on spending and debt.  As much as I’m encouraged by the Tea Party, they didn’t stop Obamacare or Dodd-Frank.  Winning an election is a little step; forcing Congress to stop being stupid would be a bigger step.

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