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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Government healthcare take over takes another hit

The government take-over bill recently rammed downour throats by a partyline vote and some of the skankiest and questionable manuevering in Congress by demcorats better known as “Obamacare” took yet another hit when Missouri voters overwhelmingly voted against it yesterday.

Missouri voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a federal mandate to purchase health insurance, rebuking President Barack Obama’s administration and giving Republicans their first political victory in a national campaign to overturn the controversial health care law passed by Congress in March. “The citizens of the Show-Me State don’t want Washington involved in their health care decisions,” said Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, one of the sponsors of the legislation that put Proposition C on the August ballot. She credited a grass-roots campaign involving Tea Party and patriot groups with building support for the anti-Washington proposition. With most of the vote counted, Proposition C was winning by a ratio of nearly 3 to 1. The measure, which seeks to exempt Missouri from the insurance mandate in the new health care law, includes a provision that would change how insurance companies that go out of business in Missouri liquidate their assets.

Emphasis mine. Enough Americans get it that government, especially the federal government, forcing you to do this is unconstitutional and wrong. I wish more of them also understood that there is no such thing as free healthcare, because way too many Americans still want that. Let’s hope this is just one of the many defeats that these bastards and their attempt to have government hijack 1/6th of the economy, usurp our freedoms, and turn us into serfs dependant on the goodwill of government for our care, will suffer on a quick road to the repeal of this monstrosity.

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