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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guys, You’re Not Helping

Last week, we had Joe Miller’s bodyguards—active duty military personnel actually—illegally arrested and handcuffed and aggressive reporter.  Last night, we had this:

The backstory is that this woman is Moveon member who tried to present Rand Paul with some kind of bogus award for being the most valuable Republican in merging our government with corporate interests.  She’s a moron, but there’s no excuse for this kind of violence, even if the recipient is a moron.  This is shameful.

Of course, you just know the media is going to run full tilt with this.  The comparisons to 1933 Germany have already begun (with, of course, the ignoring of similar union-related violence).

The thing is that we don’t have the margin for error that the liberals do.  We have to be on our best behavior at all times.  This shouldn’t really need saying.  It’s 2010.  Everyone has a smart phone except me and my cat (and she’s been pricing iphones lately).  The minute anyone does something stupid, it’s going to be YouTube.  And if it’s done by a conservative, Chris Matthews will be comparing it to the Beer Hall Putsch three second later.

Every little incident, especially for the next week, is going to be taken as a sign of the coming Tea Party Police State.  Just look at the sign business.  Even a study of the Tea Parties found very few racist signs.  And yet the Democrats are still running around claiming that Tea Party protests feature swastikas, black-face and burning effigies.

Brace yourself.  We’re going to get more of this.  Not because of a surge of Right Wing violence but because of a surge of Left Wing desperation.  The best we can hope for is that people don’t act as stupidly as the guys in this video did.

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