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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hal’s 2010 Election Liveblog

10:47 pm: I’m visiting relatives again this week.  So light blogging and I’ve been away from the computer all day.  But so far, it’s looking OK.  Rubio won big in Florida and gave a nice speech, saying that the Republicans have been given another chance, not embraced.

O’Donnel lost, which is not unexpected.  Prince Andrew won.  Pennsylvania is going down to the wire.  Grayson is out.  Rand is in.  I am very disappointed that fuckwad Dick Blumenthal won over a clearly better candidate.

It’s going to be a long night and lots of spin.  So pull up a chair.  I’ll make the popcorn.  And if you really want to be entertained, turn on MSNBC.  They’re having a meltdown that would make Fox News blush.

10:52: Oh, and the networks have called the House for the GOP.  Well done, guys.  Now it’s time to prove we didn’t just toss out one group of shitbags to bring in another.  You’ve been let out of prison but you’re still on probation.  Any more of your crap and we’ll put the other guys right back in—we don’t care if the do favor stimulus healthcare spending on married homosexual terrorist illegal immigrants.

11:09:  Pennsylvania is very close.  But Feingold is out in Wisconsin.  Well done, Wisconsin.

11:48: Two more calls on the TV.  Toomey will apparently take Pennsylvania while Boxer will hold on in California.

12:01: One question all the media hacks are asking is why the results in the Senate aren’t as strong as those in the House.  I’m not sure there is difference—we’re talking a few races.  But if there is, I wonder if has to do with the inability to gerrymander when it comes to the Senate.  You have to go for a broad appeal to win a Senate seat.

12:08: Governor Moonbeam has been elected again.  Joy.  Look for California’s already terrible situation to finally slide off the cliff completely.

12:38: Here’s a question. Did the Tea Party cost the GOP their chance at the Senate?  Delaware was winnable as was Nevada (which might still be won by Angle).  But would the GOP have taken Pennsylvania without the Tea Party?  I’m not sure you can really track their impact on the race as cleanly as the media wishes.

12:41: Initiative update.  The pro-life amendment 62 failed in Colorado. Oklahoma passed its amendment to reject Obamacare. South Carolina passed one to protect against card check as did South Dakota.  SD rejected medical marijuana and Prop 19 looks to fail by double digits in Cali.  I knew the pot smokers would space on the election.

12:50: Lying jerk Mark Critz won.

12:51: Dear California: you are so God-damned stupid.  Complete Democratic control of your state has driven into a total fiscal and economic ditch, to use our President’s analogy.  And you keep returning Democrats to power.  Moreover, you just re-elected Jerry Brown.  You deserved the epic economic catastrophe that’s waiting for you.  The problem is, you might take us down with you.  Idiots.

1:09: Reid holds Nevada.  A non-crazy GOP candidate would have taken that one.  With his win, the Democrats are pretty close to keeping the Senate.  Also, the judges who upheld gay marriage in Iowa were defeated by an ugly NOM campaign.  Arizona rejected Obamacare and medical marijuana is about even.

And in even more stupidity from California, they heartily rejected Prop 19 by 12 points.  That the initiative came even close—with the full power of the state and the media against it—is remarkable.  But it just shows how entrenched in power the Drug Warriors really are.  They simply will not give up the power they have to punish and harm Americans who are only hurting themselves.

1:15: Oh, it’s looking like California will pass an initiative to allow a simple majority to pass a budget.  I repeat: California, you are the stupid state in the union.  Take the dumbest most hick-filled southern state you can conjure up in your imaginations—they are Rhodes scholars compared to you.

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