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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Harvard Welcomes Back ROTC

Well, it’s about time:

ROTC is going back to Harvard after almost 40 years away. Today, university president Drew Gilpin Faust and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus will sign an agreement formally recognizing Naval ROTC’s presence on campus. And while no one expects a flood of new recruits lining up in Harvard Yard, the move is being hailed by those who think American culture should be more supportive of its military.

It’s pending formal approval of the DADT repeal.  Stand by for liberals to make jokes about the “Faustian bargain” Harvard has struck.  What caught my eye was this:

Yesterday, a survey was released showing that 60 percent of Columbia undergraduates would support ROTC’s return to campus, while 79 percent were in favor of “Columbia allowing the participation of Columbia students in ROTC, whether on- or off-campus.”

It would be interesting to see similar polling data from the other Ivies.  I would be very surprised if support for ROTC and the military generally were not much stronger among the students than the faculty.  The reason?  Well, the student body is not mostly comprised of aging hippies who still think they’re fighting “the Man”.  It’s comprised of people who grew up in America in which the military is one of the most respected institutions in the country.  Gallup’s latest showed that 71% of Americans have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of respect for the military.  This dwarfs the respect for, say, Congress (12%).  Academia wasn’t on that poll: I suspect we’d place somewhere between newspapers (24%) and the Supreme Court (32%).

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