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Monday, March 21, 2011

Helen Thomas & “those people”
by JimK

So I just read the Helen Thomas interview in this month’s Playboy.

  • Helen Thomas is 90 years old. That alone should make for interesting discussion in an interview setting.
  • Helen Thomas has been in the White House since 1960. I should be amazed at the cornucopia of things she has seen.
  • Helen Thomas was “breaking glass ceilings” before many women today - who are literally defined by that concept - were even born. Again, this is life experience that should have left me reeling after reading of her work and her life.
  • Helen Thomas went on Nixon’s famous trip to China. Once more for the cheap seats, an experience that should have left me dazzled and in awe.

Do you know what I took away from the whole interview?

Helen Thomas hates Jews. I don’t mean she dislikes them socially, or that she doesn’t approve of the Jewish faith, or even that she’s anti-Zionist (as she claims). I mean she hates, with every fiber of her otherworldly homeliness, hates, hates, hates Jews.

There’s a lot of examples that run throughout the piece, like her calling Israeli-only roads “Jewish-only” and dismissing the correction by the interviewer. The roads are open to Israeli citizens regardless of religion. But for her it’s “Jew Jew Jew” all the time. One example that jumped out at me was when the interviewer tried to get her take on the idea that there is no difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism:

Playboy: In the wake of your anti-Israel comments, a blogger from The Atlantic argued that there’s really no distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. He wrote, “Thomas was fired for saying that the Jews of Israel should move to Europe, where their relatives had been slaughtered in the most devastating act of genocide in history. She believes that once the Jews are evacuated from their ancestral homeland, the world’s only Jewish country should be replaced by what would be the world’s 23rd Arab country. She believes that Palestinians deserve a country of their own but that the Jews are undeserving of a nation-state in their homeland, which has had a continuous Jewish presence for 3,000 years....”

Thomas [interrupts] Did a Jew write this?


Example two:

Playboy: Do you begrudge people like Steven Speilberg? He created the Shoah Foundation to chronicle the life stories of Holocaust survivors. What’s your feeling about him?

Thomas: There’s nothing wrong with remembering it, but why do we have to constantly remember? We’re not at fault. I mean, if they’re going to put a Holocaust museum in every city in Germany that’s fine with me. But we didn’t do this to the Jews. Why do we have to keep paying the price and why do they keep oppressing the Palestinians? Do the Jews ever look at themselves? Why are they always right? Because they have been oppressed throughout history, I know. And they have this persecution. That’s true, but they shouldn’t use that to dominate.

Playboy: In America you’re talking about a relatively small community. Jews make up roughly two percent of the U.S. population. On a world-wide level, the percentage is well under one. Those numbers don’t exactly spell domination.

Thomas: I get where you’re leading with this. You know damn well the power they have. It isn’t the two percent. It’s real power when you own the White House when you own these other places in terms of your political persuasion. Of course they have power. You don’t deny that. You’re Jewish aren’t you?

Playboy: Yes.

Thomas: That’s what I thought. Well you know damn well they have power.

Notice how she uses the word “Jew” when she should be saying “Israeli.” But she can’t stop herself. Being inside her head must be like that scene when John Malkovitch portals into his own head in Being John Malkovitch, only Thomas hears “Jew Jew JewJew? Jew. Jew Jew JewwyJewwy JeJew.”

I can just imagine her small little bigot mind seeing David Hochman walk in for this interview. “Oh those bastard Jew media sent a Jew to grill me and make me look foolish! A Jew?!? How dare those Jews!” And she literally served him a plate of ham sandwiches and said “Oh, I hope I haven’t served the wrong thing.” That is not a joke. That happened at the interview in her apartment. ‘the hell? If I were writing a television script about a Jew-hating hillbilly who is forced into polite civility with a Jewish cop, let’s say, that is precisely and exactly the kind of thing one would write to come out of the bigot’s mouth. Imagine that she served a plate of chicken and collard greens to a black reporter and then joked that she hoped she hadn’t “served the wrong thing.”

Helen Thomas hates Jews. There’s no other grand take-away from this interview. From her “Hollywood is controlled by Jews” rant to her pointing out that Ari Fleischer, a Jew, moved her to the back of the press room, not Bush...you get nothing but the vibe that way down in her psyche, as deep as you can go in a person, she hates Jewish people. Political differences aside, a story about a woman who spent near to half-a-century covering the White House should have left me with - at the very least - a begrudging respect for her work. Instead, I remain convinced of one thing about her: Helen Thomas hates Jews.

Thanks to Bill at Daily Pundit for the link!

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