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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

He’s a big crook, but he is “OUR” crook..

If you missed it, yesterday was primary election day in many states, and it looks like the Tea party candidates are beating up hard on the establishment. And the elitists in the republican party - what we refer to as demcorat-light big government lovers pretending to be conservative - are not happy with the message from the American people. The reasons for these upsets is clear. Americans are tired of this ever expanding behemoth that is threatening our prosperity and our way of life.

Most of the change is happening on the right, but I want to focus on what is going on with the left, and in particular with one of he biggest crooks out there, Charley Rangel, whom easily won his nomination. As the title to my post says, these people like the fact Rangel is “their” crook I guess. That’s a good thing I say. Why? Well, the more of these cases we see on the left, the more of this I expect to see from the American people. November can not get here fast enough.

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