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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hope and change!

This is what it looks like? And yes, the pressure is coming from the DOJ, which means it comes from the WH. In order to appease the PC gods we get this:

DAYTON — The city’s Civil Service Board and the U.S. Department of Justice have agreed on a lower passing score for the police recruit exam after it was rejected because not enough blacks passed the exam.

The city lowered both written exams a combined 15 points that resulted in 258 more people passing the exam, according to a statement released Thursday by Civil Service officials. The agreement allows the city to immediately resume its plans to hire police and firefighters.

So yeah, our safety has been compromised so the PC police and the left can reshape the world in their own image. How long before I get accused of being a racist for daring to point out the DOJ/WH are behind this, that the lowering of standards means less qualified people will be admitted, and that in this case these people are predominantly minorities, making us all less safe, and that the left has done this before with the predicted outcome?

Remember that we are in this economic crisis today because the same drivers that are pushing for the standards to be lowered – with any non-minority candidate that qualifies or passed with much higher scores still being passed over – also are of the same mindset as those that in the past pushed the crap that made lending institutions give money to high risk people, created a trading scheme around these bad loans, because otherwise they could not sell them, and then forced tax payers to pay for the disaster that followed when this all came crashing down. Those that warned of that impending doom were also shut up with accusations of racism.

If I was a qualified minority and I had passed this test, I would be angry beyond belief. People are now going to assume I was a charity case and less qualified even if I am not. Seriously, I think things like this are done by these leftists precisely to foster racial animosity: they make really nice living from it, after all.The citizens of course, get screwed.

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