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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hope & Change meets BDS..

While a few on the left are abandoning Obama over Libya like they did Bush on Iraq, like Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) claiming on MSNBC that we are fighting in Libya for oil, something he is right about, but should clarify we are doing for the Europeans, Kucinich is all aghast about the evil of war, and my personal favorite, the fat baseball cap wearing capitalist that has become stinking rich peddling collectivist bullshit damning Obama’s peace price - as Obama now has become the Nobel Peace Prize recipient to fire off the most cruise missiles and is trying to surpass Yasser Arafat as a recipient to be responsible for the most people killed, the bulk of them remain silent, or worse, defend him, now for doing what just a few years back made them insane. Heck, even Obama is turning on Obama. So, because I just love to rub this shit in the faces of the BDS infected morons that spent the better part of the Bush years telling us how evil BooshChimpyMcHitler was, I have to point out that that evil Bush had a bigger coalition for Iraq, including congress’ stamp of approval, than Obama does.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe Obama needed either UN or congressional approval to tell our military to just bomb the hell out Libya’s defense system – in fact I always feel that if we can get UN approval for any of these military engagements it means that it is bad policy for the US in their eyes, a waste of tax payer money with no discernable US interest being met, or both – but I do want to point out how stupid the left was during the Bush years.

Schadenfruede rocks, and I do not care to pretend I am not seriously enjoying watching so many of these morons contort themselves into pretzels to defend Obama for not only keeping and escalating Bush’s 2 wars, but possibly starting another one, or turning on him in order to remain consistent. I am even getting some serious satisfaction from the ones trying to look away and pretend this isn’t going on. I always told these idiots there would be consequences of their BDS induced antipathy someday, and I am enjoying the freak show now. It would be even sweeter if good people were not in harms way, under the command of these incompetents, but the real world is like that unfortunately. I wonder if the left will come out and profess their hope Obama fails at this latest exercise like they did to Bush. Harry Reid was not available for comment. That they are going to get used by the bad guys is a given though. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose! (The more things change, the more they stay the same.) Heh, how fitting.

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