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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How quickly they soured us on their ideology, huh?

On November 5th, 2008 the smug liberals told us that they had finally crushed the idiotic and evil machine, that the American people had spoken, and that collectivism was the wave of the future. Unlike their reactions in 2000 - where they simply decided to ignore reality and created the twisted notion in their even more twisted minds that the one that stole the election was Bush & the SCOTUS, and not Gore with his army of lawyers and the Florida Supremes – which started the liberal slide into illogical insanity, and 2004, where they were dejected to see the country simply not trust that buffoon John Kerry, and driven even further into the wilderness, they could not wait to get out and rub salt into the wounds of the opposition. We were told that the world was finally saved, that other countries would finally love us again, the economy would be fixed, that evil America would stop torturing people and inflict war on poor people whose only crime was that they were brown, everyone would magically be working according to their ability, and get back according to their needs, and Utopia would follow. Cats and dogs would start living together! Oh wait, that was Bill Murray’s character in Ghost Busters, but you get the point. They laid it on thick.

We were promised decades of liberal rule for the evils of the capitalist right. Many of us that experienced the Carter years and knew better, told them that the gloat was not just premature, but that once the American people got a taste of the insanity that’s part & parcel of the left’s ideology and governing, that they would sour on it, and sour on it fast. So it isn’t a surprise to me to discover that just 2 years into their reign of fire that Americans now trust the GOP more on almost all election issues, as the below graph clearly shows.


I and many others weren’t fooled for a second by Obama and the demcorats sweet talking and promises of “Hope & Change” – as I said I remember the Carter years, and to anyone that was paying real attention the left’s ideological shift was so drastic it compared to Carter idiocy redux on steroids - that these people could do anything but set us back. The GOP might have been bad at these things when they had power, but the demcorats, especially the current crop of elitist bastards and crooks, make the GOP losers look damned awesome. And the shift took just 2 years of liberal policy & rule to happen.

No, this is not me gloating. I remain quite aware that the GOP will now actually have to do what the American people want, or they too will face our wrath, and then sooner than later. It might surprise you that am actually looking forward to that, though. I seriously believe that if the GOP, once they have power, doesn’t derail this collectivist behemoth that is driving us at Warp speed into the abyss, reverses course of this out of control spending and lunacy, and lets the American people down yet again, that they will be gone too. The one thing I do know is that the American people, now that they know what they will get under democrat rule, the disastrous policies and last 2 years will still be fresh in their minds, will not go back to the demcorats. At least not the sane ones. And while I expect the left to revert to the same tired tactics of the 8 tiresome Bush years, I doubt the American people will buy either the propaganda or the obstructionist anti-Americanism. It will be their Armageddon if they do so. We might even end up with a third party finally breaking the deadlock that elephants and donkeys have had on our government, and even might be set back on the path of exceptionally when they finally gut that bureaucratic monster that pretends to be serving our needs while really enslaving us to its ever growing appetite for control and power.

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