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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I will take that deal!

Looks like Chuck Shumer is at it again. His latest & greatest is the call for people that think Obamacare is a disaster to give up healthcare. Well Chuck, if you crooks can stop raiding my wallet to pay for Obamacare and roll back the stupid regulations that try to kill the private industry offerings, I am game. This would be a win-win for me. Of course we all know that what he really means is for me to fork over the cash and then not get anything for it anyway. Be it because they have destroyed the private sector and left us no options, or because he either holds the crazy idea or is playing to the idiots that believe those opposed to Obamacare do so because they don’t that I don’t want healthcare at all. Ludicrous!

“Will Eric Cantor urge every Republican who is going to be for repeal to not take government health care themselves and to drop their existing health care?” he asked.

Will your collectivist crooks stop taking my money and leave the private insurance market alone so I can buy my own, Chuck?

“This is ‘junk food’ political rhetoric: superficially appealing, but utterly empty. Members of Congress, including Sen. Schumer, get the same type of employer-sponsored health care coverage from private-sector companies as tens of millions of Americans. That has nothing to do with the Democrats’ health care law, which is already destroying jobs, and will ultimately bankrupt our country,” he said.

It’s not a healthcare law: it’s a government takeover of healthcare and an end to what people referred to as health insurance (which is not what we have anyway now). A gateway to the one payer system the left pines for. Call it Cubacare, because that’s what it will end up like. Obamacare isn’t about medical care: it’s about government control of access and care. Don’t be fooled by claims to the contrary. This has always been about controlling access to care. These demcorats are galling.

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