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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If you doubt that AGW it doesn’t much care about the science….

Then take a look at this:

RICHMOND, Va. - A power struggle is unfolding in Virginia over climate change research. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has been taking the University of Virginia to court to get information on a climate change researcher who once worked at the school. Now several members of the State Assembly say they’ve had enough and have introduced legislation to rein in Cuccinelli’s investigation.

Cuccinelli, a global warming skeptic, is looking into whether UVA professor Michael Mann manipulated data to show that there has been a rapid, recent rise in the Earth’s temperature. Democratic Sens. Donald McEachin of Henrico and Chap Petersen of Fairfax County say their bills won’t give blanket immunity to colleges to defraud the state, but they would curb politically motivated probes

Get it? The fact that Cuccinelli wants to find out the truth is a “politically motivated” attack according to demcorats. He shouldn’t be trying to find out if the “settled consensus AGW science” was based on lies and manipulations, because that’s political! He should just accept the fact Mann says it is so, denies people access to the data until they hack the East Anglia servers and show there is clear evidence of fraud, and that the priesthood has absolved Mann and the other cheaters through a circle jerk passed off as an inquiry/investigation that then claimed that all we had was “sloppy behavior”, but the science remained settled.

Their legislation would force Cuccinelli to sue and obtain subpoenas as is required of other civil litigation. This would afford defendants the right to defend themselves.

How about we let the scientific process, the unbiased one where people actually have to show everything so others can then recreate their experiments and models and confirm the results, or not, and not the courts, decide what’s real or not? Wouldn’t that be a novel idea? Not holding my breath though. I doubt the church of AGW would ever want real science to debunk their scam.

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