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Friday, February 04, 2011

If you still think this stuff isn’t a scam…

Just understand how Obama’s boys create new rules willy-nilly, then exempt their corporate buddies. The Obama Admin EPA has just decided to go ahead and regulate CO2, without Congress or the Constitution giving it that right I should add, and this is all so they can pick the winners and losers in their new wealth transfer scheme. Of course, the big corporate partners that pay big cash to the right demcorats are as always - check out the list of exclusions for Obamacare for example - given a pass. These people are crooks of the highest order, nothing less. But don’t expect the usual suspects in the MSM that loves this scam and its end goal to ever report on it.  Their faith is strong! And it advances that whole collectivist wealth transfer scheme they all believe will make the peasants & serfs happy in their shared misery.

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