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Monday, March 07, 2011

It was all talk…

Because now that Obama is president, Gitmo and all the evil Bush was accused of being involved in because of Gitmo’s existence not only seem a necessary evil, if not outright a smart answer to an impossible problem, but it is now the WH’s policy, even if Reuters tries to make it like the Obama team was left with no choice and hates it:

(Reuters) - In a setback to hopes for a quick closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison, the Obama administration on Monday lifted a stay on filing new charges in military tribunals there and set up a process for continuing to hold detainees who have not been charged. President Barack Obama said he ordered the Defense Department to lift an order that had suspended the filing of new charges in the military tribunals at the camp. Obama had suspended such charges when he announced his review of the detainee policy in early 2009, shortly after he took office. The White House said that review was now complete. Obama also issued an executive order on Monday establishing a process to continue to hold some Guantanamo detainees who have been neither charged, convicted nor designated for transfer but who are deemed to pose a threat to security.

See Obama and his goons hate having to do this. Bush and his goons not only loved torture, but if you saw that Harold & Kumar movie, were into all that g-hey stuff too! You can’t make this shit up. These people - both the leftards in charge and their stooges in the MSM - are something else. It never occurs to these idiots that Gitmo was the best of a whole pile of shitty options? Or maybe it does, but they simply can’t admit they have been playing the idiots that Obama fooled with their help? You might hate the idea, but so far I have not heard anyone, ever, come up with another option that wasn’t outright insane or plain stupid talk. Maybe we should think that Obama’s lack of action here, just like in the case of Lybia, because the end result of his lack of any kind of action in the end is good, shows he is a foreign policy genius too? Heh. Just kidding. Gitmo is not going anywhere people. Get used to it.

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