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Friday, November 19, 2010


I’m not really sure why the GOP is fucking around with the New START treaty and trying to keep it from coming up for a vote.  This would seem like a no brainer:

The Republicans who are throwing up obstacles to ratification, including Senator-elect Mark Kirk, are already going against the consensus of the military, most arms control experts, and most prominent former national security officials. There are others, such as George Voinovich, trying to haggle with the administration for Polish visa waivers in exchange for supporting the treaty when the government of Poland strongly supports ratification and has no interest in trying to tie the visa issue to the treaty. What this means is that resistance to New START is not just purely political and “totally without merit,” but that there seems to be no way to make the relevant Senate Republicans see that they are actively working against something strongly endorsed by the institutions and allies they would normally support

The New START treaty that Obama got out of the Russians is not some hippy communist bed-wetter thing.  It’s the only way to resume inspections of the Russian arsenal that is pointed at us, continuing a program that was initially started under peace hippy Ronald Reagan. It would help continue efforts to track down missing weapons and build a missile shield.  As a condition of getting it passed, Obama agreed with senate Republicans to spend money modernizing our own nuclear deterrent.  And the price of this is cutting our nuclear arsenal by a tiny fraction of what Reagan, Bush I and Bush II did.

So what’s the problem?  Kagan demolishes most of the objections easily.  It really does seem like this is just about denying Obama an accomplishment.

And that’s a bad bad sign.  Our country has serious problems right now.  We did not put Republicans in power to sit on their hands for two years while they campaign for 2012.  We put them in to start moving the country in the right direction—at least as well as they can while Obama is still at 1600 PA.  If the country is going to be fixed, the man in the White House is going to get some credit for it, deserved or not.  If the GOP is so determined to hit Obama that they’ll hurt national security, what the hell are they going to do about the economy, the job situation and the deficit?

Quit screwing around, guys.  Just pass this and move on.

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