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Friday, December 03, 2010

Just so
by JimK

Sometimes a person perfectly encapsulates an idea. Bill Quick has had one of those moments.

The lethal combination of credentialism replacing knowledge coupled with self-imposed cultural and physical insularity has resulted in a class of self-anointed ruling elites, who are as stupid about real people and the real world they live in as any such group in all of history.

Just so. That is a large part of what is wrong in America right now. Regardless of the specific details of any given circumstance, when you dig down deep? When you’re sitting at home with your wallet being raped and your basic human dignity stripped (in some cases literally) and you are wondering why the ruling class does what it does? Here’s your answer. Credentialism has replaced knowledge, and they only talk to each other.

So when you pour hate and derision on Tea Party people - yes, even her - you aren’t helping. You are part of the problem. You’re perpetuating the ruling class by acting as their agent in eliminating any possibility that someone who isn’t a member can ever break through.

Just a thought. I doubt it’ll take root, but there it is.

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