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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Justifiable Murder

As you can imagine, the Left is all over this story:

An incendiary story by Mother Jones making the rounds on the Web reports that a law being considered in South Dakota would expand the definition of “justifiable homicide” to apply to killings intended to prevent harm to unborn children. Mother Jones writes that the measure “could make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions.”

Everyone is on his, including normally respectable bloggers like TNC.  The problem?  They didn’t bother to pause, reflect and ask any questions.  They immediately shoe-horned it into the “Republicans oppressing women” pigeonhole.  Turns out that actual reporting would have found something different.

I just had a spirited conversation with the bill’s chief sponsor, State Representative Phil Jensen, and he defended the bill, arguing that it would not legalize the killing of abortion doctors.

“It would if abortion was illegal,” he told me. “This code only deals with illegal acts. Abortion is legal in this country. This has nothing to do with abortion.”

The thing is that we’ve played this act out before.  When laws were passed allowing the prosecution of someone who killed a fetus—by beating the mother or murdering her or whatever—we had equally vociferous denunciations from the Left that it was a declaration of open season on abortion providers.  Didn’t happen.

I’m not sure this law is strictly necessary and I can understand why the initial reports sent people into a panic.  But I’ve learned, on hearing hysterical stories like this, to apply my common sense while waiting for the facts to emerge.  I find it unlikely that any legislature would legalize murder.  And even if the law allowed he killing of abortion doctors, there is no way any court would allow it to stand. Then again, I tend not to assume my opponents are necessarily evil neolithic troglodytes.

I understand, in the current environment, why pro-choicers might be a little jumpy.  There are a more than a few legislators moving to restrict abortion.  But does anyone really think a legislature is trying to legalize the vigilante murder of abortion doctors?  For fuck’s sake, think about that for a moment. And they think it’s the Tea Party that’s demented and paranoid.

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