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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lame duck congress session is rigged? Government, just too big!

Sure sounds like that’s the case according to the comments caught on C-SPAN made by Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. Go Harry! Explains the result of this vote, definitely explains things like this or the fact that now the extension of unemployment benefits is looking grim, because despite the fact that our political class refuses to get the message, the American people, if you break down the contorted attempt by these MSM losers to not come to the obvious conclusions, want less government. And this kind of drop in the bucket thing, while a good start, something that’s obvious considering how the left is going bonkers that Obama dared to do this, is a joke in the grand scheme of things. They have tacked on $1.3 trillion in new spending, and we need a lot more cowbell to get anywhere good.

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