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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lame duck congress to screw us one last time?

Today our lame duck 111th congress gets back in session. The one led by Pelosi, whom promised transparency, fiscal restraint and responsibility, and a new high in ethical standards. The same one that then promptly set new lows for corrupt practices and law breaking, resorted to demanding bills be passed so we citizens could finally find out what our law makers had straddled us with, engaged in record setting bribery, costing tax payers billions, to buy votes for the government takeover of healthcare, which they still swear will save us tax payers money when it is blatantly obvious the thing will bankrupt us and in the process of doing so reduce both availability and quality to lows that will leave us with something akin to the Cuban system so loved on the left, and in general pissed money away like it was growing on trees. The one where the democrat majority got the worst shellacking in a mid term election, breaking their record losses incurred during the Clinton years.

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