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Monday, January 17, 2011

Let’s hit the “RESET” button on the government healthcare takeover

At a time when the House is finally looking to get together and take action on rolling back Obamacare, a horrible piece of legislation that despite the lies from the usual shills pushing for it will drastically curtail consumer options and healthcare quality,
and once you look past the massive gimmickry to have the CBO claim this behemoth would save money, looks to tack trillion in new debt to our already bloated government, it behooves us to see that yet another one of the countries that has such a system is admitting it doesn’t work and talking about major reform.

Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday waded into terrain where past British governments have foundered, promising fundamental changes to the country’s expensive and over-stressed public health care system. Cameron said the reforms would cut red tape and improve treatment, but critics claim they will cause chaos and could lead to backdoor privatization of the much-criticized but widely popular National Health Service.

Oh my, privatization! Doesn’t matter that “free healthcare” is neither free nor of quality, what matters is that it not be privatized care. Nothing works as it should, and the country is being bled dry, but don’t you dare do anything to fix it that basically admits government can’t do this effectively or efficiently, and that the people are better off with a system that is not mismanaged and pathetic, and get government out of healthcare.

The House takes up debate of Obamacare on Wednesday. We have a chance to reset this government takeover of healthcare and replace it with some real reform that will actually benefit consumers and not the power hungry politicians of a certain party. Reid has promised to hold the Senate hostage, but there are many demcorats there that face re-election battles in 2 years, in both houses, that are already thinking this thing is a career killer. This whole thing is still wide open, and if the American people are lucky, we end up getting rid of this odious monster and actually getting something that improves our healthcare and really reduces costs. Neither of which Obamacare does if you ignore the gimmickry and look at the reality on the ground of what it portends to actually accomplish.

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