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Monday, March 21, 2011

LIbs have yet another pair of studies that confirms they are not biased, just smarter!

As usual, we have another study that proves that academia is inundated by leftists, but yet again, these leftists have nothing but excuses as to why that’s the case. The tripe is getting deep. It’s because smarter people are leftists! It’s because leftists care more about education! It’s because leftists are better suited to the academic world. And now we get: It’s because of self selection!

Two studies being released today provide more evidence that bias is not the cause—and the studies provide some additional evidence to back the theory (put forward last year by one of the authors of the new work) that “self-selection" is the primary reason so many academics are liberal. In brief, the self-selection idea holds that some professions have become “typed” in American society in various ways that may relate to gender or class but could also relate to politics. Academe is seen as more liberal, so liberals are more likely to identify being an academic as something to which they aspire. The argument is significant because it does not contest the lopsided political nature of many faculties, but also suggests that higher education is open to those conservative scholars who want careers there.

What a load of crock. No you moron. The reason academia outside of the hard sciences is replete with collectivists is because they have spent the last 5 decades crowding out everyone else that wasn’t one of them. I have friends that would have loved to pursued an academic career that bolted as soon as they realized they would have to compromise their beliefs and kiss the ass of collectivist idiots in order to even stand a chance to make it through the gauntlet. These shitheads don’t tolerate any kind of diversity of opinions, and they certainly do not tolerate anyone that says they are a conservative. Especially one that ends up running circles around them.

Read this article. Peruse the study link. It’s one giant joke of a circle jerk with some leftists trying to make like the problem is of course with everyone else for not being as smart as they are. Puh-leeze!

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