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Monday, February 21, 2011

Libya In Flames

Jesus, this is getting intense:

While state TV bounced between scenes of serene concert footage and orderly rallies in support of leader Moammar Gadhafi, eyewitnesses describe a far different, far more chaotic Libya—one with arms-toting mercenaries, demonstrators ramming stolen tanks into a military base and masked men firing guns and blasting pro-government tunes from their sport utility vehicles.

Sporadic gunfire continued to ring out early Monday in parts of the North African nation, albeit a far cry from the tumult seen at other times since demonstrations and clashes began Tuesday night in Benghazi.

Al-Jazeera has a liveblog which reports, among other things, that the Libyan air force was ordered to bomb crowds of protesters.

The explosion in Libya and the likelihood that Gadhafi will fall is a thorn in the idea that we are witnessing the creation of an Islamist superstate.  Gadhafi is well-known radical and a sponsor of terrorism.  He’s the kind of guy the Islamists want in power.  Of course, as we’ve seen, getting rid of one evil man does not guarantee a worse one won’t get in.  But there is something very fundamental shaking in the Middle East. The fire has now spread to at least nine countries—Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Jordan and Morocco, all of which have different situations.  Comparisons are being made to 1848, although I am loathe to make such comparisons.  This is something different.

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