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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Malemployment: The Choice of a New Generation

I’m LOLing so hard at this.  Found here.

You all really need to watch this video that aired on PBS recently, regarding what they are calling the “malemployment” of recent college grads.  The transcript really doesn’t do the video justice, as each of the individuals profiled demonstrates unique facets of cluelessness, but here’s a taste of each, emphasis mine:

PAUL SOLMAN:  David Cook got a B.A. in anthropology in 2008.  Unable to find work in his native Atlanta, he moved his wife and young son to Fort Collins, Colorado, earlier this year for a government job which looked like a sure thing, but:

DAVID COOK, college graduate: They said that they were considering hiring college students, local college students, to fill the positions as interns for free. So…

Translation: “So, not having a steady job already in hand, I uprooted my debt-ridden family to a completely different state on the mere hope that I would be hired.”

PAUL SOLMAN:  After Abigail Lunetta got her B.A. in creative writing two years ago, she worked in New Orleans as a part-time copywriter, then moved to New York to find a real job.

ABIGAIL LUNETTA, college graduate: I just sort of assumed that I would become an assistant editor somewhere for some publication, and just work my way up. It’s definitely no walk in the park.

You dumb fucking striver.  You quit an actual paying job in your field to move to one of the most expensive cities, and the most competitive market, in the entire country, because you ASSUMED that your utter lack of experience wouldn’t matter and that publishing houses would shower you with job offers.  Now you’re stuck picking up dog crap for the city’s actual achievers.  Serves you right for believing your teachers when they said “get your degree!  It doesn’t matter what it’s in!”

Unsurprisingly, that’s not the most ignorant or snotty thing she says.  She actually believes it’s Wall Street’s fault that her lack of skills and pointless humanities degree from a state school haven’t gotten her the job of her dreams, and she can’t live like the Sex and the City whores.

Evan Melillo is a history major who minored in political science and graduated last year $40,000 in debtHe hoped to land a local government job after an internship at the town manager’s office in nearby Sandwich, Massachusetts.

EVAN MELILLO, college graduate: I really had to give up on that after a couple of months, because the positions just weren’t there, and who I’m competing with are far more experienced people than me.

People like this tend to go into law school or get an MBA, and take on even more debt, royally screwing themselves even further.  That’s not even the most LOL moment for Evan, though:

LAUREN MELILLO, mother of Evan Melillo: Evan’s brother was—has not been to college and has had just about as much success finding work, making the same amount of money as Evan has.

Yeah, and I bet Evan’s brother doesn’t have 40 Gs in debt either.  They don’t show his bro in the feature, but I would bet a Franklin that he rubs that fact in Evan’s face every chance he gets. 

PBS, bless their hearts, saves the best for last:

GC, college graduate: I have applied for 400 jobs, at least, probably closer to 500.

PAUL SOLMAN: GC graduated from Brown in 2009, $80,000 in the hole. A comp lit major, she hoped to work at a nonprofit for at-risk youth. But 18 months have yet to produce a full-time job.

Gee, what’s wrong with this picture?  Oh yeah, you could have used that high IQ of yours to get a chem engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines (she lives in Denver), and put yourself in a position to actually pay off the tuition after graduation if you knew how to hustle.  Instead, you went $80k in the hole to get a fucking comp-lit degree in the hopes you’d get a job at a non-profit after college.  Did you ever think how in the BLUE HELL you were going to pay that debt back working for a non-profit?

As I said, each of these chumps shows a unique level of cluelessness, not too mention an exaggerated sense of entitlement.  I DESERVE TO GET THE JOB OF MY DREAMS, I HAVE A DEGREE AND MUST BE COMPENSATED FOR MY EFFORTS.  As tough as this depression has been for a lot of people, I have to admit a special sense of glee at seeing a bunch of self-involved douchebags from the Millennial generation being brought low by real life.  Hopefully they’ll take the right lessons from this (there’s hope, I think, for Evan; Abigail will go on thinking she’s special and wondering why Houghton Mifflin won’t put her in charge of the whole operation).

This is just another symptom of the disease I wrote about a few months ago.  This country has absolutely got to stop acting as if getting a blue collar job is something only “those people” do.  It’s been a steadily growing cultural malaise ever since the 1960s, this attitude that if one doesn’t get a college degree and join the paper-pushing managerial class by any means necessary, then one has utterly failed at life.  It’s created at least two generations of debt slaves (in some cases, these people will be paying for their college education literally for the rest of their lives) in an economy that is way over-saturated with people just like them, with not enough jobs to go around.  Our technocratic wonderland has finally reached a scale where it cannot sustain the workforce it has.  We will either have to ramp back, or see the whole structure come tumbling down.

In January 2012, GC requested that her name be removed from this article. She expressed regret at giving the interview and has since moved on professionally. As per her request, her name has been reduced to initials, and we wish her the best as she is currently, in her words, “networking heavily and trying to change career fields.” - JimK

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