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Monday, January 24, 2011

My obligatory SOTU address post

Fist off is the issue of jobs and the abysmal economy the MSM has been telling us for the last 2 years was just weeks away from turning the corner now that the demcorats are in charge. The democrat answer to job creation, while they have been a lot more careful in their language and intent recently after not caring much about job creation, has not really changed much, and remains another trillion dollar plus Keynesian government handout to special interests, just like the first one. That one, which when it was passed had a bigger price tag than the cost of the Iraq war up to that time, as we all now know, was loaded with pork for the democrat special interests, lobbyists, operatives, and campaign coffers, and if you can get past the bullshit to defend it failed miserably even according to liberal asshats, worked so well! That government spending doesn’t create jobs was explained to them, but they don’t care. And this song and dance isn’t going to change. The left remains married to the concept that government creates jobs despite the proof to the contrary, to our detriment.

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