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Friday, October 15, 2010

Obamacare comes to CT

And as I predicted we will pay more, and get less. Heck, my employer has already told me my premiums will go up and my plans will change. I even heard rumors that they are crunching the numbers to figure out if they should just stop giving healhtcare as a benefit. The fines are cheaper by a mile. I am sure the usual blue state media in CT will downplay these things, but the stories are all over the place. The more we dig, the more it smells. Here is some nice PC speak for Obamacare will cost more, deliver less, and in short own your arse.

“I find myself in an unprecedented place and time, as do my counterparts throughout the country, in overseeing one of the most far-reaching policy initiatives enacted by the federal government in recent history,” Sullivan said in the letter. “It is unfortunate that this reform, while addressing insurer behavior, has provided little to no reform of the escalating costs of the health care delivery system.”

If the demcorats stay in power, soon news like this will be thought of as the good old days. The more you confront them with the fact that their policies & beliefs suck, the more they feel like doubling down on stupid.

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