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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obama’s Abu Ghraib cum Gitmo combined..

Like the heading of this post shows it now looks like the Obama Admin now has it’s own problems with troops doing things that would have set the left off during the Bush years. Most of the MSM, unlike back when, are not trying to pin these despicable acts on the guy in the WH - including the fact that the WH has been trying real hard to keep the story buried since the 2009 incident took place - but is playing Ostrich. In fact the few cases when the MSM is reporting on this it is to discriminate the lefty talking points and try and absolve this WH from the despicable treatment they gave the previous attendants for much of the same. Yes you morons, these photos are not going to get the 24/7 coverage you gave anything you could turn into a negative for the US and Bush back when, but they are going to still be far more damaging considering this happened under the Nobel Peace prize winner now bombing another Arab nation. Go figure. Oh how I love schadenfreude!

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