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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Obama’s Bracket

I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I read this about the President’s NCAA bracket:

Don’t know if you all have been keeping up, but Obama’s NCAA tourney bracket is in the top 0.3% of all 5 million ESPN bracket pickers. It’s a revealing bracket.

While going with the favorites in most cases, he picked a few underdogs in the first (now called “second") round - notably Gonzaga, Richmond and Florida State - who pulled upsets. I thought it encapsulated his overall personality well - clear-headed and realistic about the tendency of events to play out based on historical precedent (e.g. according to the seedings), but willing to buck conventional wisdom when his own judgement argues against it. At the risk of extending the metaphor too far, you get the sense that someone like John McCain’s bracket would be filled with all upsets, and that Mitch McConnell would choose all the higher seeds. Most people aren’t really able to switch back and forth between different mindsets as facilely as Obama. Either the underdog is always going to pull an upset, or the favorite is always going to come out on top.

This is such categorical bullshit that it’s making my keyboard stink.  Anyone remotely familiar with bracketology will recognize the President’s timid strategy as one that is engaged in by numerous newbies.  You pick a few low-level first round upsets to feel daring.  But when push comes to shove, you pick the high seeds to win out.  Obama’ bracket—which, incidentally, is now in ruins like everyone else’s—is a perfect example of the timid forecaster.  It has all four #1 seeds in the final.  It has no seed lower than 3 in the Elite Eight.  It has no seed lower than 5 in the Sweet Sixteen.  My wife picked a bolder bracket.  It was typical Obama—give a long song and dance to prove how smart you are, then do the utterly predictable thing.

I know it’s silly to mention this; that’s why this post is in the “fun and humor” category.  But it does show how far some people will contort themselves to hail the President as some kind of genius.

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