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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh, THAT Liberal Media, Part 764

With a massive electoral defeat facing them in a month’s time, the media are going overboard trying to pull down the conservative movement as a bunch of nutjobs.  You’d think this would be fairly easy with guys like Carl Paladino sending racist/pornographic e-mails (warning: link very NSFW) and then bashing gays as a moral threat to our children right after a horrific story of the torture of a gay man breaks into the news.

(While I’m on the subject, I’m getting a little tired of the line the GOP gay-bashers are taking: we abhor any violence against these perverted gays who want to corrupt your children.  It’s almost Obama-esque in its moral evasiveness.)

Anyway, the line for the media is pretty clear, no?  Find the stupidest Republicans and claim they represent the entirety of the conservative movement.  It’s the Jesse Helms Maneuver they’ve been doing for decades.  Tried and true.  Effective.

But apparently, that’s not enough. Yesterday, the NYT published a condescending piece that, of all things, addressed the debate over Woodrow Wilson’s execrable record as President. Their “analysis” consisted of finding six historians, none of whom had anything bad to say about Wilson, who basically mocked Glenn Beck and the Tea Partiers for having the temerity to think that a President who jailed dissidents, expanded Jim Crowe and violated the Constitution shouldn’t be so highly rated by historians.

Today, it’s Time Magazine, which has an epic record of panic-mongering, freaking out about militias. Jesse Walker has a great response to this latest scare tactic.  Typical quote:

If there were already four conspiracies “before Obama was even sworn in,” the number of threats must have become abnormally high once he was in office, right? Well, no. In the spring I had a conversation about that with Malcolm Wiley, a spokesman for the Secret Service. I was trying to confirm the claim, first made by Ronald Kessler in his 2009 book In the President’s Secret Service and repeated since then in much of the press, that the Obama era had seen “a 400 percent increase in the number of threats against the president, in comparison with President Bush.” Wiley wouldn’t give me the actual figures, but he denied that Kessler’s number was correct. According to Wiley, there was a period while Obama was still a candidate when he received more threats than the sitting president. “But since he became president that has leveled off,” he continued. “The number of threats he has received has been consistent with the number received by Bush, Clinton, Reagan, and others.”

Read the whole thing and Walker’s links.  Almost nothing Time has to say about militias is accurate or meaningful.  I would describe the article as basically a bunch of bedwetters screaming, “Eeek!  Guns!”.

Now, add to this mix the condescending and factually-challenged Matt Taibbi piece I linked to last week, a pattern begins to emerge.  Instead of engaging the Tea Party on issues, the response of the media is to denigrate them, to condescend to them, to mock them.  They simply can’t believe that anyone would reject such a tremendously successful President - one who has given them free healthcare and made sure that they’re not in danger of making any money through evil evil financial companies.  The election of Obama was supposed to be the incoming tide that would usher in a new era of “sensible” liberal policy that would be embraced by America.  They can’t understand why this isn’t so, so they fall back on the idea that the problem must be ignorance, hysteria and stupidity.

In short, they’re rapidly becoming a bunch of bitter petty fools.

Update: Re: the Paladino story.  He has apologized. Andrew Cuomo, who is attempting to build yet another family political dynasty and has built a career as a grand-standing prosecutor, is dismissing it.  This is one of those times when I wish both of them could lose.

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