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Thursday, March 10, 2011

O’Keefe strikes again, Part Deux.. It gets better!

When I posted this NPR story where O’Keefe caught them showing their true colors I had a lot of commenters try to dismiss the importance of the story because it was O’Keefe doing the exposing. Some even tried to defend NPR by trying to say this was an isolated incident. I suspected that this being O’Keefe’s work and his tactic to take on these fools, based on how he took the leftwing MSM out at the knee cap when they came to the defense of ACORN after the first release, was to wait for the left to say this was an aberration and not representative of NPR, only to produce more damning evidence to obliterate the idiots shilling for NPR,was a highly likely scenario, and he does not disappoint.

New video released Thursday afternoon indicates National Public Radio intended to accept a $5 million donation from fictitious Muslim Brotherhood front group Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust – and that the publicly funded radio network might have helped MEAC make the donation anonymously to protect it from a federal government audit.

This stuff is unbelievable. NPR representatives tells the brotherhood thugs they likely could hide the $5 million donation from the government and then give them 10 years of propaganda for it. Just fooking WOW! How much you want to bet there is more to come, huh? If you want some advice I recommend that you libs better condemn anyone O’Keefe goes after the next time ASAP and cut your loses early, because otherwise you are all going to get screwed hard. I would love to see some more defense of NPR and pretense by the usual people that NPR isn’t biased.


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