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Thursday, December 09, 2010

One set of rules for thee, another for the elite

Looks like that whole “Law of unintended consequences” thing tied to Obamacare is coming back to bite Congress. Seems congress has created a problem with the hastily concocted Obamacare government takeover of healthcare, and the elites have basically come up with a solution:

As my colleague Michael Cannon pointed out to me, the new health care law kicks congressmen out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.  (The current FEHB is no different from the health coverage provided by any private employer -– federal employees choose from a series of private plan options (none of which is run by the government), and receive a subsidy from the federal government acting in its role as an employer.)

My first reaction to hearing this was:  Good — if the rest of us lose our health care freedom, so should those who forced this new atrocity on us.  But apparently this result was not intended, so the Obama administration has decided to ignore that part of the law.

No joke.  Here is the Congressional Research Service report on the provisions that oust members of Congress from their health insurance.  And here is the letter in which an Obama appointee announces that the administration will ignore the law.  These two New York Times articles also provide important information.

The answer? Ignore the law. No wonder democrat elites have no problem passing this kind of freedom robbing, economy crippling, people screwing laws” they don’t think it applies to them if it causes them pain. Other people though? Screw them! Don’t expect the press machine to let you know this is going on however.

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