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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Palestinians murder Jews, and the left hides the story.

With all the news from the tragedy in Japan going on, the MSM is going to have a convenient excuse to ignore and downplay this horrible and barbaric act of murder. The murderers and their followers show us their feelings about this despicable act. Yes, these are the people NPR, which also finds itself in the news these days after some clever investigative work exposed their bias and pandering ways, is always defending. The same group of murderous bastards that the left always seem to be shilling for. If you doubt the left isn’t in their camp, check out how Facebook and YouTube quickly took down and banned the videos showing the brutal atrocity. Oh sure, they will claim it is for some clever reason, but I have no doubt that what we have here is the left covering for their friends. After all, there are lots of big check offered up to help the left stay on message by these palestinians, if they can hide the fact of course, as we recently found out in that NPR sting.

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