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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Paper and Fire

As many of you are aware, a “church” in Gainesville Florida, has decided to commemorate the attacks of September 11,2001 by burning Qur’an s.  The public outcry over this has brought about the predictable reactions.  Muslims are outraged, American politicians are rushing to the cameras to apologize and denounce , foreign politicians are chastising America for letting this happen , talking head and pundits, have a new subject to blather abut for a few days, and the media, well the media is basking in the glory of higher ratings.
So here we are, we got a full blown Asshole in Florida who has promised to burn a stack of Muslim holy-books, basking the the attention he is getting from the world at large, spreading his vile and hate, and there is not one dam thing the federal Government can do to stop him. As it should be.

So before I get into the meat of this let me lay a few things out.

1. Pastor Terry Jones, has the RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, to voice his opinion, no matter how vile it maybe.
2. The Dove World Outreach Center is affiliated with the Westboro Baptist Church.
3. Our political and military leaders have spoken out and state that this action will inflame Muslims, and but our troops and our mission in more danger, which is true.
4. I this was a Muslim Mosque, that was burning bibles, no one outside a few fundis would give a shit, at least of all the media, leftist politicians and the rest of the world in general.

Now I have been told me that burning the Qur’an is a much more serious offense to Islam than the drawing of some cartoons of Muhammad or some photo-shopped pictures of pigs.  While I tend to agree, I cant but help but feel that Islam has a huge fucking problem, with self control, and respect for individual rights.

Now I understand that the vast majority of Muslims have no understanding of how we in the United States value the 1st amendment. Their societies simply do not have this concept ingrained in both their government and their society. We on the other hand have come to accept, grudgingly at times that no matter how offensive it is, to any one group, the right of free speech must be protected, other wise we would end up in a nation just as harsh and restrictive as any East Block Nation from the Cold war.

So this brings me to my problem with this whole affair.
It sees everyone From the locals in the town, to President Obama, Sarah Palin and of course Muslims world wide are warning about the consequences that will result.
What the fuck are you talking about Willis?
From my point of view the rest of the world is not worried about the possible offending a religion, but the fact that radical /fundamentalist Muslims, are fucking batshit fucking insanely violent.
Muslims are a very prickly bunch. Dont believe me, look at the riots over the Muhammad cartoon drawings, or ask Theo Van Gogh. o wait, cant ask him, he was stabbed to death. There are just but few of the incidents showing that they can be easily upset, and this burning of the Qur’ an is sure to piss them off, and incite violence.
Suicide bombings, sawing hands and heads off or people, stoning women, shooting kids, forcing young girls back into burning buildings, oh and fly airliners into buildings are all hallmarks O the radical of this religion. We do not see Christians stealing airliners and flying them into buildings, Shintoists driving truck bombs into buildings, or Hindus blowing themselves up in marketplaces full of civilians. And another thing we do not see, crowds of protesters demanding the end to these practices, we do not hear the condemnation of these actions from religious leadership, nor do we see them organizing mass demonstrations against these tactics.

What we see is fear.

The whole problem here is that Islam, as a whole needs to stand up to these barbaric backassward assholes that are committing these acts. What is going on in Florida is a act of free speech no matter how unpleasant. That does not give anyone a just cause to do violence on anyone. 
A few centuries ago, Christians acted in much the same way, traveled the world, to save the souls of the heathen or kill them trying. they grew up, sorta. So can Islam.

Oh and in the interests of fairness and to prove just how fucking screwed up i am, i present to you one of the most offensive, but funny cartoons i ever seen.


It seems that now the Qur’an burning has been canceled, for now.

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