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Monday, August 09, 2010

Rangel the crook blames.. wait for it…

The GOP for his woes! Sure, Charlie. It wasn’t you know, the fact that you are a crook that has you in hot water, it was them evil republicans and their lack of support in cutting you a deal. I guess Rangel is at least smart enough to know Bush is gone, and blaming him wouldn’t fly well. So instead of blaming Bush he went for the next best thing: the GOP. Maybe he forgot that there was video to disprove his bullshit? I was fine until the evil right got me in trouble! Dang, you can’t make this stuff up.

The again, in the day and age where the Lame Stream Media is busy trying to convince us that their lame horse isn’t the first one, as even the Feds can’t lie about the effects of Obamanomics anymore, while our elite party like it was 1999, this should not come as a surprise. Heck, we even have desperate demcorats trying to rig the November elections by putting up faux Tea Party candidates to siphon votes from their oppositions. That bloodbath sure is looking like it will be fun.

My guess is Charlie is just setting up the stage so he can then still run in November, win that election because his district likes that he is a scumbag, and then hand that seat over to demcorats when he just plain resigns. After all, if he was to deal with that now, the democrats would have to worry about losing even that seat. These crooks - and by crooks I mean demcorats - do play for keeps, though. Maxine Waters, another legally challenged demcorat, was unavailable for comment. We are in great hands people. Hope & Change! I bet these elitists hate the fact they even have to put up the charade.

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