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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ryan on the Debt

Paul Ryan explains the debt:

I really like Ryan as the face of the GOP.  Competence over theatrics; boring facts over demagoguery.  He’s like the Joe Friday of politics.  Ed Morrissey said that Ryan is Obama’s “worst nightmare”.  I think that’s a very accurate statement.  Obama loves demagogues like Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich because he can look calm, cool and collected by comparison.  But Paul Ryan can outcalm him any day of the week and, unlike Obama, has substance to back it up.

The Republicans need more of this: a clear explanation of what the problem is and what the alternatives are.  They need to show that graphic as much as possible and tell the Democrats, “you are not allowed to criticize our plan until you come up with one of your own.” The Democrats won’t, of course, because you simply can not balance the budget without controlling spending.  Tax hikes—even to pre-Reagan levels—can not fix this.  That is a mathematical certainty.

Until they come with an actual plan, not just mewling about taxes, they are not part of the debate.  They are part of the problem.

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