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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

School of Rockheads

What the?

Tatyana Gray bolted from her house and headed toward her elementary school. But when she reached the corner store where she usually gets her morning snack of chips or a sweet drink, she encountered a protective phalanx of parents with bright-colored safety vests and walkie-talkies.

The scourge the parents were combating was neither the drugs nor the violence that plagues this North Philadelphia neighborhood. It was bad eating habits.

“Candy!” said one of the parents, McKinley Harris, peering into a small bag one child carried out of the store. “That’s not food.”

Fucking candy?  That’s what these parents are doing?  Protecting children from getting a salted snack at the Quicky Mart?  I’ve avoided the term “food nazis” to describe the Nanny Staters, but Jesus Christ.  How much more fascist do you want to get than harassing kids in stores?  Why don’t they just go ahead and start beating the kids up and taking their candy money?

This is part of a larger effort by the Philly schools to improve kids’ nutrition and to combat the supposed epidemic of obesity, a crusade that has reached such bizarre extremes as ridiculing fat kids in front of their peers.  Some of the steps they are taking—changing school lunches—are sensible, although the article notes that in their zeal to rid the world of calories, they’re cutting out nutrients too.  But turning parents into food police?  Am I the only one who finds this bothersome?  If you want kids to be healthy, quit policing their diets and bullying stores into bankrupting themselves stocking “healthy” foods that kids won’t eat.  Get them out and exercising instead of spending their lives inside plastic bubbles and becoming helpless spoiled twerps.

Ultimately, I think the battle against obesity is misguided and frequently informed by pseudo-science (such as the useless stupid BMI).  Our bodies are programmed by a few hundred million years of evolution to seek out calories.  Trying to cut calories ultimately becomes a game of whack-a-mole: if you cut sugary drinks, kids will drink other stuff to make up the difference.  If you cut candy, they’ll eat bigger lunches.  It is possible to cut your caloric intake and lose weight; but it takes hard work and it’s difficult to maintain.

The food grabbers spout off slogans about how poor childhood eating habits propagate to adulthood without any real evidence to support it.  And ultimately, their goal is revealed in such anecdotes as the one I quote above.  Their ultimate goal is not health; it’s control.  What gets them tumescent is not flat tummies but obedience. They get off on bullying kids about what they’re eating and searching their lunch boxes.  We could have a nation full of fat kids, but as long as they are being bossed and bullied by the Nanny Staters, the latter will be happy as very fat pigs in very non-nutritious shit.

And, not to beat a dead horse, but it’s not like the Philadelphia schools are setting the world on fire with their academic performance.  Maybe our schools and our parents should spend a little less time slapping snickers bar out of kids’ hands and a little more time teaching them stuff.  Given the recent scandal in DC, where it appears that schools were predictably cheating on standardized testing and the lying shitbaggery of the Democrats on school choice issues, I would say we have bigger fish to ... well, frying’s bad right?  It makes people fat?  So I’ll say that when it comes to our schools, we have bigger fish to lightly broil in small portions and serve with a side of salad, some wheat bread and a glass of water.

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