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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sestak’s Desperate Racism

What else would you call it?  I caught this ad last night and had to sleep on it to calm down.


The ad includes all the classic racist Orientalism touches, from gong sounds to fortune cookies.  The goal of the ad to slander Toomey with a quote of his where he says “It’s great that China is modernizing and growing”. Gasp! Oh the horror!

The economic growth and modernization in China over the last 30 years has lifted literally hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, and if you don’t think that’s an unmitigated great thing then fuck you, I hope a Chinese person does “steal your job”.

China is currently our fourth largest export market and the most rapidly growing. By the end of the next decade, they may even pass Mexico for the #2 export market. China’s economy is one of the reason the global downturn was muted and the reason they can afford to finance so much of the debt that Joe Sestak has been delighted to rack up with such things as his healthcare bill sellout.

I’m not going to defend China’s civil rights record, which is indefensible.  I was delighted when the Nobel Peace Prize was given to Liu Xiaobo, highlighting China’s terrible record on freedom. However, I strongly believe that economic prosperity is a necessary precursor to political liberty (see a wonderful letter about this on Sully’s site here).  The biggest hope for China turning aside from its oppressive ways is the rising prosperity of her people.  People can not fight for political liberty when every day is a fight for existence.  Wealth doesn’t necessarily lead to freedom, but freedom can’t happen without wealth.  If China’s economy were still stuck in the 17th century, Liu Xiaobo might be working in a rice field, not shaking the globe.

But the Democrats need someone to blame for the utter failure of their economic policies.  And China is a convenient target.

China is accused by its protectionist foes of deliberately undervaluing its currency, the yuan (or renminbi), relative to the US dollar. That makes Chinese goods less expensive in the international market than they otherwise would be. No doubt that puts some US exporters at a competitive disadvantage. But it also means far greater purchasing power for innumerable US consumers and businesses. Experts can debate whether there is something unwarranted about China’s currency manipulation (which, as The New York Times points out, the World Trade Organization does not define as illegal). But there is no doubt whatever that its beneficiaries are legion, as a visit to any Wal-Mart or Target will confirm. Because it makes so many goods so affordable to so many people, China’s currency policy has been called “the greatest anti-poverty program in America.’’ And Congress wants to go to war to shut it down?

The protectionists claim that forcing China to revalue the yuan would boost US manufacturers, adding as many as a million new jobs to American payrolls. That too is debatable. Economist Mark Perry argues that it is the breathtaking increase in US manufacturing productivity, not the value of Chinese currency, that is largely responsible for the disappearance of so many manufacturing jobs in recent years.

It is insane how desperate the Democrats are getting.  We had the ugly “Aqua Buddha” bullshit in Kentucky.  We had the horrific “Taliban Dan” ad in Florida. Howard Kurtz runs down some of the nasty attacks. They include accusing Linda McMahon of being culpable in the deaths of employees, digging up old statements about Scott Desjarlais’ divorce, and, of course, bashing Christine O’Donnell for her financial troubles. They’ve even called Marco Rubio—the son of Cuban immigrants—anti-Latino.

This is the Party of Tolerance?  This is the Party of Issues?

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