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Friday, February 04, 2011

so much for that special realtionship.

Wikileaks, once again is in the news, and this time its a What The Fuck moment. 
On one hand i really despise that ass Assange, and on the other hand i see how valuable his organization really is to us common folk. Without wikileaks, we would never have found out that the Obama administration, in exchange for getting the Russians to sign on for the START Treaty, gave the Russians the serial numbers of the Trident SLBMs that were manufactured in the United States. WE gave them the exact number of launchers their production order and sub-model types, and what other data that could be inferred from the S/N.  The United Kingdom our BEST Ally, and we hand out information on their nuclear deterrent.
Such a stunning display of smart diplomacy.  Truly a WTF moment. 

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