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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SOARing Up

One of the dumbest criticism of the Wisconsin business is that Walker did not campaign on union busting. While true, this has nothing to do with anything.  Politicians constantly enact policies after they are elected that would have been unpopular to run on.  Reagan, in 1980, did not run on reining in the money supply and causing a short but severe recessionary hangover from two decades of inflation.  Clinton, in 1992, ran on a tax cut platform but then raised taxes.  And I don’t remember Obama running on the platform of bailing out Detroit.

Or of killing the DC Voucher program.

The latter may be undone soon.  Apparently, Speaker Boehner is trying to save the DC Voucher program.  For those of you keeping score at home, this was a program that, while spending about half as much per student as the DC schools, became very popular and showed measurable success in student performance even over the short period it was running.  The Democrats killed it in their stimulus bill (because apparently what the economy needed was an end to good education).

I would really love to see this bill go forward.  If it passes, it will be good for kids in DC.  They need it now more than ever since Michelle Rhee was canned and the teachers she fired were restored to their jobs.  If it doesn’t pass, it will demonstrate once again how subservient the Democrats are to the unions.  They won’t be able to oppose it quietly, by slipping into a “jobs” bill.  They’ll have to oppose it openly and explain to thousands of desperate parents that while they luuuuv poor kids, they don’t want those kids rubbing shoulder with their tots.

Update: This seems as good a point as any to link up the video of protesters trying to make children join in their chants.

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