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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Obamacare facts.

The next time some libtard tells you Obamacare was necessary ebcause the system was so broke that millions couldn’t get care, remmeber these facts: We are slated to spend $1 trillion or more (my bet is a lot more), have created more than 150 regulatory agencies, are causing millions of people to change the coverage they now have and like for something worse, and are bankrupting the country, so something like 8000 people out of 310 million can get care. Statistically that amounts to lunacy. We are pissing away $1 trillion plus dollars, screwing everyone with coverage over, and in general creating such a massive bureaucracy that this thing is sure to be a failure, to serve what amounts to a statistical error, a fraction of a fraction of a percentage, of people. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just create a special plan for them and allocated a billion dollars to help them out? Cheaper for sure too.

Keep that in mind when you read this drivel from the HHS. They are full of shit, and this is a totally politically motivated hit job. Their ridiculous claim that some 129 million people are affected doesn’t bear out when you look at the real numbers. Let me repeat it again: 8000 out of 310 million Americans have conditions that caused them not to qualify for insurance. That’s approximately 2.5806 e-5 % of the people. That’s not even a blip. Obamacare is a rip off.

Update: This is a good beginning. As Hal points out in the comments, this thing is going to cost us way too much money, and is a given to lower quality and access. Lets kill it dead, and then get some real reform that stopst the madness.

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