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Monday, October 25, 2010

Some politicians are getting it.

Pawlenty gets it. In this PJTV interview with Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, he said the one thing I was hoping to hear from republicans about this coming election: If the GOP fooks it up again, Americans should vote for a 3rd party in 2012.


At least Pawlenty gets it. If it is more of the same, back to the same old crap where they grow government at 10% of the pace the demcorats are doing it, then Americans are going to boot them too in 2012. We have had enough of this collectivist shit. It is a recipe for mediocrity at best, and a dastardly disaster in the making any other time. This is precisely why the demcorats, the angry left, have been so terrorized by the Tea Parties, and out to destroy the movement before it gets too much traction. As a political movement they stand to lose the most if Americans steer away from the crappy & drastically over priced government we have now. The GOP however shouldn’t delude itself into thinking that they can pick up where they left, unless they want to share the fate of the demcoratic party.

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