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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some times hell, is too good of a fate.

If Hell, was a real place, this “woman” would most certainly have a spot reserved for her.
Shaquan Duley, a 29 year old single mother, who claimed that her car plunged into the Edisto River, with her 2 children, has now confessed that she smothered them, strapped them in their car seats and drove the car into the river.

Duley originally told authorities that the children drowned when their car careened into the river and that she couldn’t manage to get the children out of the car, but, according to Sheriff Larry Williams, the 29-year-old mother later told police that she was “distraught” after a dispute she allegedly had with her own mother and killed 18-month-old Ja’Van Duley and 2-year-old Devean Duley by putting her hand over their mouths.

Williams says that Duley then strapped the children into her car and drove the vehicle into the river Monday morning

Duley, claims to have been despondent over raising the children and having fights with her mother, whom she lived with, over the raising of the children.

During the press conference it was announced that Duley lived with her mother and two boys, and a five-year-old daughter. After an argument with her mother on Monday, Shaquan Duley left the home and took the two boys to a nearby motel. She left her daughter with her mother. Authorities say that while at the motel she murdered the children by suffocating them with her hands. She then tried to cover up the crime by sinking the car in the water.

After sinking the vehicle, Shaquan Duley walked past homes until she stopped a driver and signaled for help. Authorities say that after several hours of interrogation she finally confessed.

The case has reminded many of Susan Smith. In 1994, Susan Smith drowned her children who were 14 months old and 3 years old in Union County, South Carolina. Susan Smith is serving life in prison.

I can be a real unemotional hardass, but physical violence to children, who can not defend themselves, drivew me into a rage.
I have 2 boys 5 and 2 years old and i can not for the life of me understand why anyone would want to do such a thing as this woman or Susan smith did. Bitches like this, yes i mean that, have no fucking business being near a child. Its dis-hearting that loving couples struggle to conceive their own children, to no avail, but others crank them out left and right and destroy their lives, because they are “inconvenient”.
I have no sympathy for this piece of trash, and i wager that many others share this feeling. She is lucky we are a nation of laws, otherwise her fate would be painful and short.
There are days i yearn for such things as the public stocks, and good old fashioned hangings. I know i am supposed to be the “civilized man” and not let my base emotion take ahold of my actions, but at time like this, i am glad there are others that are more, civilized than me.

so what say you?

Hang her or drown her?

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