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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Something We Can All Agree On

Hot Air has the skinny on the latest supposedly reformed monster:

An instant classic of the “law and order vs. justice” genre. The crime itself is gruesome beyond belief: Not only was a little boy murdered and (possibly) cannibalized, his skull and bones were found in the killer’s home — shellacked, presumably to make them more attractive for display. That was 1975; the killer was caught in 1982 after he tried to lure a second boy into his home. He copped a plea to second-degree murder — which, ironically, the D.A. offered in order to spare the boy’s family the ordeal of a trial — and now he’s eligible for parole due to good behavior. And not only hasn’t dad forgiven him, he’s willing to tell anyone who’ll listen what will happen if he finds out where this guy lives.

Here’s what the father is saying.  As a father, I would say the exact same thing:

I do intend, if this man is released anywhere in my vicinity, or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to kill this man.

(Note: I don’t endorse vigilanteism.  If the father carries out his threat, he should be charged.  Maybe with littering if he doesn’t pick up the spent shells.  I’m not saying killing this guy is right; I’m saying I understand where he’s coming from.)

I’m a forgiving type, generally.  I don’t believe people should spend their lives pursued by old stupidities.  But there are some crimes that simply can not be atoned for, some crimes that should pursue a criminal the rest of his worthless life.  Killing and possibly eating a little boy (and then trying, at age 23, to do it again) falls well into that category.  He’s getting 12 years off for good behavior.  But it’s easy to behave well when there are no little boys around to murder and, most likely, you’ve been isolated from the rest of the prison population.  As I said with the Susan Atkins bullshit, not having executed this guy by drawing and quartering is about as merciful as I can get.

I wish he could be in prison the rest of his life—Jesus, where are evidence-planting cops when you need them?  But, at the very least, he should serve every last second of his 40-year sentence.  There is no behavior good enough to warrant any kind of mercy.

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