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Friday, December 03, 2010

Still don’t get it..

Seriously, these demcorats don’t get it. After a drubbing in the last election because Americans had realized these shysters didn’t give a rats ass about real people’s pain - Americans want the economy to be fixed while demcorats want to simply expand their power and government, now proven even when it hurts the little mane they claim to be for - they go and vote for tax increases on those that create jobs, and have no doubt that this IS a tax increase, to of all things appease the class warfare twits that form their base, and also have no doubt this will hurt common Americans far more than it will hurt the people these crooks have decided don’t deserve to make more money than they believe should be allowed, and think they have done something good. Seriously, is anyone still going to argue that the constant demcorat priority of keeping government flush with money, so they can always spend more and buy more influence and power while pretending to help people, even when it hurts the very Americans they claim to want to help, isn’t a despicable thing? Shit, even Obama sees this move as a disastrous one. How f-ed up must the people that think this shit is a good thing be? How f-ed up do you have to be to be so jealous that someone else has been successful.? How f-ed up do you have to be when you pretend that what you are doing isn’t stealing wealth, basically using the power of government to choose who succeeds and who doesn’t, but actually doing good for the people? How the hell do these democrats and what they do differ from the mob?

Don’t worry. I bet our resident madman muirgeo1 will wax philosophical and “educate” us evil and greedy f-ers. At least, I hope he gives it a good try. It’s entertaining to say the least to try and decipher his deranged rants.

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