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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stuff like this is why organized religion bothers me…

Seriously, the Greek Orthodox Church just told the Greek government that vigilance is required to prevent the antichrist from making a manifestation on new ID cards to be issued next year. WTF??? Seriously I am already in a major battle with our SS Administration because they won’t issue me 666-66-6666 as my social security number, and now these Greeks are all bent out of shape because the Greek government might use that number and the anti-Christ might nab it? I am certain that all government employees everywhere are in league with the Devil for sure, so when the anti-Christ applies for his ID in Europe, they will have that number reserved for him just like our SS Admin has the number I want locked for when he wants an ID here. In the mean time I can’t go around causing mayhem by showing people my cool new SS ID. Jeebus!

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