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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tax payers to foot legal bills for left’s shenanigans

Should surprise no one that we the tax payers are now set to foot some $160 million in legal bills from the horribly botched and obviously rigged legal case against the management of Freddie and Fannie courtesy of those liberal champions, Chris Dodd and Barney Franks. Yeah, the same idiots that told us that there was nothing wrong with the whole security trading scheme and ludicrous money laundering scams Freddie and Fannie were engaged in, in order to keep alive the even more crazy and destructive idea the left had to force lending institutions to make homeowner loans to bad and real bad risks as long as they met with some government imposes special interest group status. We all know how well that worked out for us. Well, those of us that are smart enough to do the research and see the fundamental and underlying problem that caused our economic meltdown - that over $480 billion out of a nearly $5 trillion pot of money regulated by these two entities was pure shit and just doomed to bring down the housing market, Wall Street, and of course the US economy - instead of the usual “Boosh-Hitler and his wars & tax breaks only for the rich did it!” meme bandied by the very people responsible for our economic collapse. So, after paying out hundreds of billions in TARP bailouts and the many accompanying fund government redirection schemes to their special interests like the take over of GM, followed by a patronage bill that will cost us over $1 trillion dollars when all is said and done, a dysfunctional regulatory scam masquerading as strong regulation that basically only serves to allows the same crooks that gave us this recession to use the now much more expanded power of government to pick who will be the winners & losers instead of us the people, all for some nice payback of course, and all while leaving the biggest underlying problem entities - Freddie & Fannie - completely unregulated, compounded with several special bailouts for Freddie & Fannie, to the tune of some hundreds of billions more in tax payer cash, we now get to pay the legal bills of the crooks that ran these institutions! All because a rigged court let them off with a slap instead of throwing away the key after locking them up forever.  SQUEEL LIKE A PIG!

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