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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That $26 billion donkey election time pay-off is backfiring already

That $26.1 billion payout by congress which contained a hefty $10 billion to help pay off the help of the teachers unions on behalf of demcorats right before the 2010 mid-term elections, has now come under fire, because some $12.1 billion of that money is coming from a cut in the food-stamp program. So the donkeys, because they know they need to hide their out of control spending, have literally screwed over the little people - some 41 million Americans are on this program if you believe the story - in order to pay of one of their super special interest groups. Of course, republicans are the evil ones, because according to the Lame Stream Media, they are the only ones for sale and demcorats are the party of the little people.

Heh, how are the little people feeling now that they are going to get less aid so the demcorats can pay off a political debt? How do the idiots that continue to pretend that the demcorats are the party of the little people feel, as we keep finding out more and more stories like this - not because of the Lame Stream Media for sure, I should add - and clearly see the collectivist demcorats are far, far worse than anything they have accused the other side of being? How does that saying about friends like these making enemies unnecessary go again? Party of the little people, indeed.

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